About us


If you think about Elba, you think about Elba Travels. We are the specialist in organizing holidays and activities on the biggest and most diverse island of the Toscane Archipelago.

We organize holidays and specialized journeys for everyone that is looking for an active and adventures holiday. Surrounded by the beautiful nature and the great climate you willsure have a great holiday on the beauty of an island.

We organize this all for a affordable price, what is quite unique on this expensive island. So are you looking forward to being active on day time with some of our cool activities or looking forward for spending you whole day at the beach? Wherever your interest is going to you will find both at Elba Travels. In the evening you can relax on the camp where there is always someone of the teamof Elba Travels available.

Kortom, een onvergetelijk vakantieavontuur boek je dus bij Elba Travels!

Years of experience
Elba Travels does have a long experience on the Italian Island Elba, where the started with organizing school trips for Dutch schools. During these school trips they offer a wide range of water and outdoor activities. Since 2014 Elba Travels started to also offer accommodation options for tourists visiting the island. Of course they can also still book the great amount of activities offered by Elba Travels.

Deze activiteiten worden in juli & augustus aangeboden aan vakantiegangers op het eiland. En sinds 2014 bieden wij ook accommodatie aan voor particulieren!

Our way: Nothing must, everything is allowed!Niks moet, alles mag!’ 

On the campsite of Camping Lacona we rent a part of the campsite. This area we created to our complete Elba Travels camp. We have a diversity of tents here in this way we offer a suited option for everyone. We have the more luxury safari tents with their own little space so you can enjoy your own private area. And on the top of the campsite we have our central area, where you can find a communal terrace, relaxing hammocks, a lounge corner and a big shared kitchen tent, all in the real Elba Travels vibe. Around the square you will find a lot of tents this are our basic bungalow tents suited for 2 till 4 persons. Very suitable for the ones looking for a little bit more budget options to enjoy their holidays. Of course when you stay in one of those tents you can use all our facilities. And also for he people traveling solo or Backpackers we offer Bunkbeds or 1 person tents. 

Are their only Dutch people? 
No, we do have a wide range of international travelers. A lot of guests come from Europe but also from different continents. In the school holidays especially in the Safari tents we do have quite a lot of Dutch Families. 

Is it a organized group holiday?
A holiday with Elba Travels is surely not comparable with a organized group holiday. That means that with us your completely free to do what you feel like. Are you in to having a drink at our shared terrace or prefer to stay at your tent you decide what you feel like. 

Are activities obligated?
We do offer a lot of activities and we do think they can make your holiday experience on Elba even better, but you are free to choose if you would like to join the activities or not. If you are interested you can always come to the reception and ask for more information or sign up. 

Elba Travels Kitchen
In high season (July & August) we offer to join our dinners for a low budget price. Our meals varies between Pasta, Pancakes (yes very Dutch), Pizza, Chef's special and Italian meals. You can ask for information at our Crew. 
Als je zin hebt in een drankje of heb je gewoon even een fles water nodig, dan kun je deze ook bij ons aan de bar halen. 

Our crew
The most important aspects where we at Elba Travels select our crew on are there knowledge of the activities and their way of learning you the skills. But we also look a lot at their social skills!

Our crew are all die hard water or outdoor sport lovers but also known in the world of traveling. What makes sure that there is always this special great vibe during the activities and on our camp.

Would you like to work for Elba Travels? Have a look at our positions available Open positions.

Elba Travels Team

Maayke Postma – Eigenaar

Favorite activities: Mountainbiking, Stand up paddling, shipwreck snorkeling & Mt Capanne.

Outdoor sport activities has always been my passion. That is also the reason that I felt directly at ease on the island of Elba. A enormous diversity of water and outdoor sports and that all in a amazing area. One day relaxing or paddling at the beach or sea and the next day challenging yourself to get up to mountain by bike or by foot. This always accompanied by a great group and as a reward the most amazing views. This is for certain something that I would like to show to other people.

In 2008 I discovered Elba and since that moment I worked on the island as a coordinator, travel companion and activity instructor for Juventa, Outdoor-camper, Cirkel holidays and Mambo. After that I started for myself in 2011, where I started organizing school trips in the pre and late season and in the high season accommodation and activities for tourists of Elba.

Together with my team I would like to show you how beautiful this special island is! So don't hesitate to long and book your holiday, because one thing is for sure, you won't regret Elba!

Justin Wevers - General Manager

Favorite activities: Mountainbiking, Stand up paddling & Mt Capanne. & Suppen.

After I reached Elba by bicycle in 2018 I directly felt a deep connection, this island is special, very special!
Combine this with a great organization as Elba Travels and there is actually no reason to leave the island. So it happened that I stayed the whole season of 2018 and since then always stayed connected with Elba Travels.

Het sociale contact, de leuke activiteiten en het lekkere buitenleven het spreekt me allemaal aan. Zelf ben ik fervent liefhebber van fietsen, hiken en sportief bezig zijn. Zo zullen jullie mij op Elba ongetwijfeld eens voorbij zien racen of een lekker blokje om rennen.

In 2021 I am again full time present on Elba to make sure you will have a great and well organized holiday and time on Elba. I am looking very much forward to it!
If you need any advices where to go to, where to eat or grab a drink feel free to ask me for a recommendation.

A presto a Isola D'elba! Salute

Tim Hobrink - Coordinator

Favorite activities: Sailing, Kayaking ,shipwreck snorkeling, Stand up Paddling and Monte Capanne. suppen, Mt Capanne

From when I was little I always went camping, from the Northern parts of the Netherlands to the South of France I pitched my tent. I have always been looking for adventure and am a great fan of hiking.

On the primary school I spend most of my time being active and doing sports. My study was of course in the sports direction. During my time studying I also became familiar with outdoor sports and I was directly sold.

2018 was for me the first time that I worked for Elba Travels and stayed almost the whole season on the island. Elba is a one of a kind island and that in combination with the great activities and the awesome crew that I have worked with made it an unique and amazing experience. That why since then I have come back every season and of course in 2021 I will be there again!

On Elba you will see me at the following activities: sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, stand up paddling, bivouac and hiking and of course on the camp, working hard or enjoying the great atmosphere!

Jordy Koopmans - Allround instructor & Host.

Favorite activities: windsurfing, mountain biking, Monte Capanne & sailing.

When I was a little boy of only 5 years old I learned sailing and surfing at the surfing school of my parents. Because I was still so little they had a special fitted sail for me!

Also with mountain sports I started on a young age, during beautiful hiking trails through the Italian Alps. I had the plan to become a mountain guide when older, because then I wouldn't have to travel was my idea.

At the end I was quite close with my idea, I started with the study to became a sports teacher and started working on the island of Elba in 2011, and since then I actually returned every year.

In my student times I specialized myself in the mountain sport area in climbing. You can see me at Elba Travels at mountain biking, windsurfing and sailing.

Simone Roosenboom - Allround instructor & host

Favorite activities: Mt. Capanne, wraksnorkelen, windsurfen & zeilen

Bestaat een dag maar uit 24 uur? Als het aan mij ligt zijn al die uurtjes gevuld! Nadat we de top van de Monte Capanne hebben bereikt ben ik zeker nog in voor een uurtje snorkelen, windsurfen of zeilen om ’s avonds voldaan de dag af te sluiten in de hangmat bij het kampvuur.

Mijn ideale zomer ziet eruit als een actieve zomer met afwisselend outdoor sportactiviteiten en planeren over het water op een surfplank of zeilboot. Juist deze afwisseling heeft gemaakt dat ik in 2018 ben begonnen bij Elba Travels met veel plezier! Bij Elba Travels ben ik te vinden bij het beklimmen van de Mt. Capanne, wraksnorkelen, kajakken en windsurfen. Zelf probeer ik tussendoor af en toe de zeilboot in te klimmen om dit nog verder te leren!

Lieke van Amsterdam - Allround instructor & host

Favorite activities: Mt. Capanne, wraksnorkelen & windsurfen.

He you! My name is Lieke, in 2013 I went to Elba for the first time and met all the beauty that the island has to offer. I enjoy sport and games and find it important that people enjoy their stay at Elba Travels. Next to Elba Travels I am a teacher and during my holidays yes of course I am on Elba! See you there!

Hedendaags sta ik voor de klas op het voortgezet onderwijs en in de vakanties ben ik vaak op Elba te vinden. See you there!

Remy Dijkstra - Allround instructor & host

Favorite activities: Mt. Capanne, wraksnorkelen & kajakken.

In April 2014 verbleef ik voor een eerste keer op het prachtige eiland Elba voor een week vakantie. Tijdens deze vakantie heb ik alle mogelijke activiteiten gedaan en kennis mogen maken met Maayke. Na deze vakantie ben ik Elba Travels blijven volgen en in 2017 ben ik er komen werken. Sinds 2017 kom ik elk jaar terug op Elba als instructeur.  

Je kunt mij meestal in de vakanties op Elba vinden. Buiten de vakanties om ben ik werkzaam als leerkracht lichamelijke opvoeding op het basisonderwijs. Op Elba zelf kun je mij bij vele activiteiten tegenkomen, kajakken, suppen, wraksnorkelen, bivak, mountainbiken en bij mijn favoriete activiteit, het lopen van de mt. Capanne.  

Het mooie aan het werken bij Elba Travels vind ik het contact met de gasten, het zorgen voor een onvergetelijke ervaring. Na een dag vol activiteiten vind ik het heerlijk om samen de dag af te sluiten met een biertje of nog beter, een heerlijke limoncello.  

Noortje Braam - Surf instructor

Favoriete ActiviteitWindsurfing

Back in the days I wasn't very keen on sports, I tried almost everything but hadn't found anything that suited me. Then a close friend asked me to join her on a windsurfing class..That was about 5 years ago and since that moment windsurfing became my passion! And I love to share my passion with others.

What better way to share it by teaching windsurfing both in the Netherlands as on the island Elba in Italy. Next to this I also love traveling, experience new things and meet new people!