Windsurfing is a very popular sport on Elba. Due to the combination of the perfect climate and the clear blue sea makes Elba a perfect spot for windsurfing and specially to learn it. One of our English speaking instructors will introduce you to the world of windsurfing. Our instructors a very experienced and will make sure that at the end of the class you will not only learnt a lot but also had a great time!

  • Experience the thrill of windsurfing
  • Lesson from our English speaking instructors
  • Become a real surf dude or girl, thumbs up!
  • One of the coolest activities of Elba
  • Well organized and safe

Introduction lesson (2 hours)

You want to get familiar with the world of windsurfing? Then this is your call, in 3 hours we will give you a short explanation and we will help you to get the comfortable with the basics of windsurfing.
Are you directly sold to the feeling of windsurfing and feel like you want to learn more? It is possible to book directly a small course after!

Price: €30,00

small course (6 hours)

Windsurfing will start to become real fun when you finished your first lesson. Every first time it's about falling down and getting up again, but once you passed that phase the real surfing experience will start! In 3 parts of 2 hours our English speaking instructor will teach you how to really surf! Not only the basics but also the more advanced skills! You got what it takes?

Price: €75,00

Important information

suited for persons from 10 year and on, please notice a good level of fitness is required and being afraid of heights won't make it easier.

What to bring?

  • Waterproof sun protection cream with high ph factor
  • Towel for afterwards
  • Bottle of water
  • Water shoes, again not a must but very useful!
  • A sun protection t shirt is a great benefit!

What do we take care of?

  • All needed materials
  • Life jackets, this must be worn during the activity
  • English speaking instructors!
  • A small waterproof basket for your valuable things. Other stuff can be stored in our trailer.


We will start our Surf adventure from the beach of Margidore. The meet up point will be at our trailer and gear area on the parking spot of Camping Lacona. This is across the street of Ristorante Puccini.

Unfortunately you are not allowed to park at the parking area of Camping Lacona when your not a guest. There are a few parking spots at the road but they are mostly occupied. When you need a parking place we recommend to use the ones you can find at the Via del Moletto or at the parking across the Bar Lacona. The walking distance from here will be around 5 minutes.