Scuba Diving

Elba is a real divers paradise! Around the whole island you can find many amazing diving spots. The mediterranean sea is rich of many kinds of fish, lobsters, squids and many more discover it yourself!

We work together with diving school Aquanautic based in Morcone, but with another location in Lacona. The dive instructors have a lot of experience and know the underwater world of Elba like it's their own. They know the circumstances underwater perfectly so they adjust the location on the weather and circumstances all to guarantee that you will have a great diving experience!

  • Introduction dive
  • Discover the amazing underwater world of Elba
  • You dive together one on one with a dive instructor
  • Instructors with a lot of experience and knowledge of the area
  • Also possibilities for experienced divers
  • Would you like to get your license directly? This is also possible
  • See the options for a diving holiday! Dive holiday

Try Scuba

Never dived before? A introduction dive with Aquanautic is a unique experience. Not first a dive in a swimming pool but directly a real dive in the sea. First you will get some theory on board of the boat, and after will dive one on one with a diving instructor who will show you all the beauty of the underwater world. A lot of our guests did the Introduction dive and everyone loved it, a great recommendation when on Elba.

€ 69,00 per persoon per duik

Fun Dive

Are you already owner of a diving license? Of course you can join Aquanautic for a fun dive. If you do not have a diving buddy no worries they will assign you one with the same level of experience. During the dive you will be guided by a diving master or instructor they can show you the most beautiful places what makes the experience for you more relaxing. fun dive te maken. Heb je geen budy? Dan koppelt de duikschool je aan iemand anders aan boord met hetzelfde niveau. Tijdens de duik wordt je wel begeleid door een divemaster of instructeur, zij kunnen je de mooiste plekjes laten zien en voor jou wel zo relaxed.

€ 69,00 per persoon per duik

Important information

Suited for persons from 10 years and on who own a swimming certificate. It is necessary to speak English and understand it.

What to bring?

  • Waterproof sun protection cream with high ph factor
  • Towel for afterwards
  • Bottle of water
  • Sweater for when you leave the water

What does the diving school takes care of?

  • Boat trip to the dive location
  • Clear briefing on board before you go diving
  • All necessary materials for the diving
  • Included the option for long wetsuits
  • Good material check before you enter the water
  • Water and crackers are always a board
  • When the boat is at anchor and others are still diving there is always the option to go snorkeling


The dive school leaves from the beach of Margidore (Spiaggia di Margidore) here you see when you come from the road a dock where you see a big blue boat named Kenya, this is the boat where you will go diving of.

There are a few parking spots at the road leading to the beach, please be aware they are mostly taken. If you need a parking space we recommend you to use the ones at Via Del Moletto or the places across the Bar Lacona. The walking distance from there will be around 5 minutes.