Surrounded by the mediterranean sea and on land a beautiful mountain landscape makes Elba an ideal island for many water sport and outdoor activities.

Are you looking forward to make your holiday a bit more active? Take a look at all the options we offer!

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The coastline of Elba is extremely beautiful and there's no better way then to explore this by kayak.

Stand up paddling

Would you also like to get familiar with the fastest growing water sport of the moment?


Experience the kick of windsurfing and become the real surf dude or girl!

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When your on an island you cannot leave sailing out of the program!

Snorkling at a Shipwreck

Somewhere on a secret place on Elba in 1972 a ship lost track and sank on a bunch of cliffs. a must do experience!

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Elba might be the perfect place for mountainbiking, when your looking for some real adrenaline this is your activity for sure!