Mountainbike holiday

A week full of discovering the most beautiful mountainbike paths of the island. No matter if you are a starter or already experienced, we make sure that you will get on the tracks that suit your level. We lead you on to the many gravel paths, single tracks and technical challenges, climbs and many down hills. During all these you will surely enjoy the beautiful nature and views. 


On Elba you will find a great diversity of tracks all over the island. Every day we will take you to another part of the island, where we can do tracks for both starters as for the more experienced ones.

SaturdayArrival, choose a mountainbike.Welcome dinner
Sundayrelaxed ride, warm upOption: Kayak tour including snorkeling & cliff jump.
MondayBike- Hike - Bike to highest point of Elba.The ones that are not tired yet, cycling around the head of Elba. Option: Pizza at the beach!
TuesdayRest day. You want more? With a map or GPS track we can always make you another great tour. Option: Snorkling at a shipwreck.Option: Evening to Capoliveri.
WednesdayExperienced: MTB legend cup route.
MTB Legend Cup route
Beginners: Beautiful long ride through the Bikeparc.
Mooi lange tocht door het Bikeparc
Optional: Closing BBQ
Optional: Evening in Marina di Campo
ThursdayBeautiful bike ride to finish the week. Optional: Closing BBQ
Afsluitende BBQ
FridayDeparture after 6 nightsExtra MTB routeOption: Italian Eve at the camp
SaturdayDeparture after 7 nights

The program is a guideline and could be adjusted regarding the weather conditions or level of the group.

Beginner or Advanced?
For every level there are many great tracks and routes here on Elba island. It is very important that when you make your booking you mention your level of experience so we can organise the right tracks and combine it with the right mountainbike guide.
It doesn't matter if you have experience with mountainbiking or not. We make sure that we create a challenging week that suits your level. For the beginners we organise a daily route that will be ride with one of our experienced guides. The routes will be ride in the morning so in the afternoon you can relax and enjoy the island. Our mountainbike guides will learn you the first steps of riding and during the tour they will give your more tips and tricks that will make sure that you will leave the island as an experienced mountainbiker. Please pay attention, it is important that you do have a good level of fitness, this has to do with the altitude meters that we do have to cycle during our routes. It is also possible to rent a mountainbike that will support you during your uphill climbs. ivm de hoogste meters die op Elba onvermijdelijk zijn. Het is echter ook mogelijk om een e-mountainbike te huren die je net wat meer ondersteuning zal geven de berg op!

At the booking we sort the level in 3 groups.

You have never, or just a few times ridden on a mountainbike before.

You have your own mountainbike and use this one quite often.

You drive your mountainbike a few times per week and have experience in foreign countries. Your level of fitness is excellent!

When your not sure about your level please mention this at the booking.

Dates & Prices

Basic Bungalow TentSafari Tent
minimum 2 persons
Sat 30 April till Fri 6 May
(6 nights)
€ 235,- pp€ 275,- pp
Sat 30 April till Sat 7 May
(7 nights)
€ 259,- pp€ 299,- pp
za 24 sep tot vr 30 sep
(6 nights)
€ 259,- pp€ 309,- pp
za 24 sep tot za 1okt
(7 nights)
€ 285,- pp€ 335,- pp

Deze reis gaat door bij minimaal 4 aanmeldingen.

Are the above mentioned dates not suited for you but you still would like to enjoy a week of Mountainbiking on Elba? During the whole season we have the option to mountainbike on our amazing island, we just cannot guarantee a guide. But we can always help you and advice your for the best routes and tracks with a map or GPS. Neem contact ons op voor eventuele vragen.


  • Transfer from and to the ferry in Portoferraio
  • Welcome dinner
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Bedding
  • Towel package
  • Guide and transport to and from the MTB-routes
  • Usage of a MTB map of Elba
  • Dutch and English speaking guides
  • Free WiFi
  • Unlimited entrance to the swimming pool


  • transport to and from Elba (read below)
  • Mountainbike Rental
  • Other meals and drinks
  • Option to book extra activities
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses on location
  • Reservation costs

Mountainbike Rental
You don't have your own Mountainbike or you prefer to not take it with you on the flight or journey? No worries we also offer our own rental bikes. For the whole week you pay only €75,00 for a new CUBE Analog 2020 mountainbike with 1x12 Sram and 29 inch wheels.

E- mountainbike.
Would you like to join the mountainbike week but are you afraid the many altitude meters are to much? There is the option to rent an E-mountainbike, this you can rent for €45 per day or €200 for 6 days.

Bringing your own MTB?
Of course nothing feels more comfortable as your own MTB. Are you coming by plane? Ryanair charges an extra €120 for you bike this is the return price. With Transavia you pay an extra €98 for you bike this is also a return price. Please notice that you have to protect your bike by a box, bag or self made one. You have to take of the pedals and your steer has to be fully turned.

How do I reach Elba?

The fastest way to reach Elba is by flying to Pisa and taking the train.
To look for the best tickets we recommend to go to the direct website of the airline company.

Please notice that when you book your flight you won't arrive later as 17:00 on Pisa airport. Otherwise you have to stay over for a night in Pisa. If so we work directly together with the Safe Stay hostel in Pisa what is reachable by foot from the airport and offers great comfortable rooms.
From Pisa Airport. The last direct train is leaving at 16:40. The last train with a transfer to the bus in Campiglia Marittima is leaving at 19:30. The last boat is leaving Piombino harbor at 22:30.
From Elba: The earliest that you could fly from Pisa Airport is 08:28. To be able to be on time for this flight you have to take the boat at 05:00.

From the airport in Pisa there is a good train connection to Piombino Marritima, from where the boat to Elba departs. We pick you up in the port of Portoferraio where the boat arrives. If you are coming with more people it could be an option to rent a car at Pisa airport this could be cheaper as many train tickets.
Cost train return ticket: €20 / €30.
Cost ferry ticket return €25 / €35 (By foot. With a car will be around €70 or €100 return).

After you made your booking you will receive a very clear and extended explanation of how to travel from Pisa Airport to Elba. Included with the ferry the trip may take about 3 hours.