Diving holiday

Are you curious to the magical underwater world? Experience the freedom and peaceful live underwater and be amazed by the breathtaking sea life of Elba. 

Diving is much easier than many of us would think, be ready to enjoy a new challenge and dive with us in to a new world. Diving is a beautiful sport that offers everything from action and adrenaline to the relaxing and peaceful feeling underwater. 

You have the option to go for a Try Scuba for if it will be your first diving experience and you would like to be introduced to the world of diving. Or you can choose directly for the course Open Water Diver, the official course with the possibility to get the ISS Dive certificate. You already have your certificate for Open Water Diver? Then it is also possible to learn and achieve your Advanced certificate!

Dates & Prices

Prices fromobo 1 person
DatesTry ScubaOpen WaterAdvanced
19 till 26 June€ 190,-€ 525,-€ 510
26 June- 3 July € 199,-€ 534,-€ 519,-
3 July - 10 July€ 199,-€ 534,-€ 519,-
10 - 17 July€ 240,-€ 575,-€ 560,-
28 Aug- 4 Sept€ 213,-€ 548,-€ 533,-
4 - 11 Sept€ 192,-€ 527,-€ 412,-

7 nights at the Elba Travels camp on Camping Lacona
Use of electricity
English speaking crew
Free WiFi
Unlimited entrance to the swimming pool
reservation costs

Transport to and from Elba
Meals and drinks
Option to book extra activities
Travel insurance
Personal expenses on location

Try Scuba

The Try Scuba package is a package that will let you explore the world of diving. Spread over 2 or 3 days you get a theory class, a beach dive and a boat dive. Diving equipment will be organized and at the end of the course you will receive a certificate that will prove that you followed the Try Scuba course. When you cannot get enough of diving you can directly choose to extend to the SSI open water course.

This course is included with:

  • Theory lesson
  • Beach dive
  • Boat dive
  • Diving equipment
  • Diving certificate


Your already sure you want to join the extended diving course but you don't have any experience in diving yet? Then this Open Water Diver SSI is the perfect option for you. In this 5 till 6 days course you will get all the facets of diving explained to you. This means that you will get next to practice classes also theory classes and next to the course need some time to study. So keep in mind that you will be busy for about 4 hours a day with this course. The exact times will be arranged with you, the instructor and the group. After you succeed the course you will get an official SSI certificate what will give you the opportunity to dive world wide to a dept of 18 meters!

This course is included with:

  • Books (digital), dvd & diving table
  • diving log
  • 6 theory modules
  • 6 swimmingpool modules
  • 4 boat dives
  • Diving equipment
  • Diving license

Advanced Open Water SSI

You already got your Open Water Diver? But would like to learn more? The Advanced open water diver- course will help you to get even more self confidence and build up your skills so that you will feel even more at ease in and underwater. This is a good way to make more dives, and at the same time keep learning under supervision of one of the instructors. In this 5 till 6 days course you build on what you learned in the Open water diver course and create new skills. You get familiar with new activities and new ways to dive. You sharpen your skills by making 5 adventure dives where you get to know the underwater navigation and diving in deeper water (between 18 and 30 meters). Next to this you can choose from 3 other adventure dives like for example underwater photography, wreck diving, night diving etc.

This course is included with:

  • Books (digital)
  • 5 theory modules
  • 5 speciality dives
  • Diving equipment
  • Diving license

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