Ferries between Piombino & Elba

From Piombino there are 4 different companies sailing to Elba. To give you an indication of the prices you find below a overview of the prices for a one way ticket from Piombino to Portoferraio. Please be aware these prices are indications, the prices could be different for example when entering with a bigger vehicle. You can find the exact prices at the website of the companies.

Price one way ticket
Price per person
Price per car
Price per motorbike
€13,00 - €20,00
€30,00 - €60,00
€17,00 - €30,00
€13,00 - €18,00
€30,00 - €58,00
€17,00 - €29,00
Corsica ferries
€13,00 - €18,00
€37,00 - €50,00
€37,00 - €50,00
Blu Navy
€11,00 - €17,00
€32,00 - €50,00
€32,00 - €50,00

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Are you booking your holiday directly with Elba Travels? In this case you can ask us for a discount code for the ferries, we will send you this by email.

Good to know:
Moby and Toremar are working together, what means that with a Toremar ticket you can also join a Moby ferry and the other way around. So are you arriving earlier as your pre booked time? If there is place most of the time you can enter an earlier ferry.
So keep in mind if you book with Blu Navy or Corsica ferries you can only use these companies.