Covid update

Read the updates and the conditions regarding Covid-19 here.


Most parts of Italy are in lock down (orange or red) and there are travel restrictions untill 15 May.

We have moved the opening of our camp to May 20

Covid-19 measures in Italy

Throughout Italy, the general rules are keeping one meter distance and wear a mask, both in enclosed areas - such as a supermarket, a restaurant (until you are seated at a table) and public transport - and outside when it is crowded (it is just not necessary during sports or when there are few people). There is a evening curfew that starts at 10 PM and lasts until 5 AM.    

Laatste update: 12-4-2021

De actuele ‘corona zone’ kaart van Italië vind je via deze link:

Code Red
A lockdown applies in these regions; you may only go out for a valid reason. All non-essential shops are closed, as are restaurants and bars (delivery is allowed).

Code Orange
Bars and restaurants are closed (delivery is allowed) and travel between municipalities is prohibited for no necessary reason (work, study, medical reasons).

Code Yellow
All general precautions (such as keeping your distance and wearing a mask) and curfews apply. Bars and restaurants are allowed to stay open in these yellow regions until 6 pm. From that moment on you are no longer allowed to eat or drink outside on the street, but you can still have food delivered. Museums in yellow zones are allowed to open their doors on weekdays.

Code White
Curfews are canceled and all museums, theater, cinemas and gyms are allowed to open. However, it remains mandatory to wear a mask inside and to keep a meter distance.

Cancellations regarding the coronavirus

travel warning
If there is negative travel advice, like a code red or orange for the Tuscany area, we will cancel the trip and you will receive the already paid travel sum back.
We cannot reimburse other costs that have already been incurred for your holiday, such as a flight, tickets for the ferry, any other accommodation during the trip, etc. It may therefore be wise to take out cancellation insurance in which these costs are also reimbursed.

The holiday can continue with a code yellow and green or white.


Cancel due to positive Covid-19 contamination op corona
If you have tested positive for Covid-19 just before departure, we are unfortunately not allowed to receive you. In this case it is possible to come later, when you are allowed out of quarantine according to the national guidelines.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel the trip free of charge, but you can get the costs incurred back if you take out cancellation insurance (pay close attention to the Covid-19 conditions).