Kayaking on Elba is a great experience, fun, easy and doable with children. The coastline on Elba is breathtaking and that's why it is a perfect way to explore it by kayak. It is also possible by kayak to reach some hidden beaches where you might have the whole place to yourself!

  • Great activity for the whole family
  • Be active and enjoy the amazing coastline of Elba
  • Need some adrenaline? We know a cliff jump up to 12 meters high!
  • Rent a kayak and decide your own tour
  • A great adventure that will make your time on Elba even better!

We use the RTM Ocean double kayaks. This kayaks are suited for a minimum of one adult with child till a maximum of 2 adults with child.

Kayak tour

Want to be active and explore the coastline of Elba? We guide you to the most beautiful places. After some paddling we will reach a very quiet beach where there is the option to go snorkeling (we take the gear with us) and the option to relax. Later on the real adrenaline junkies can jump off a cliff up to 12 meters high!

You can join us for the kayak tour or rent your own kayak. Private tours on request

€ 15,00 voor kinderen t/m 12 jaar 
€17,50 from 13 and on

Kayak rental

Who prefers to discover the coastline by himself has the possibility to rent a kayak. You can choose for half a day or a full day. Of course we will give you some instructions before you go on your way. The benefit from renting your own kayak is that you can decide which tour you would like to make and you can stop on as many private beaches as you want.

Prices (excluded snorkeling gear)
€ 20,- per tweepersoons kajak voor 3 uur
€ 30,00 per tweepersoons kajak voor 8 uur 
A little child (+/- till 10 years) can be placed as a 3rd person in the kayak.

Important information

Stand up paddling is possible at any age.
But children below 10 years can only Stand up Paddle under surveillance from parents or care taker.

What to bring?

  • Waterproof sun protection cream with high ph factor
  • Towel for afterwards
  • Bottle of water
  • A cap, not a must be very useful
  • Water shoes, again not a must but very useful!
  • A sun protection t shirt is a great benefit!

What do we take care of?

  • Kayaks and gear
  • Life jackets, this must be worn during the activity
  • Een aantal snorkelsetjes (bril en snorkel) bij het boeken van een kajak tour
  • English speaking instructors!
  • A small waterproof basket for your valuable things. kleine Other stuff can be stored in our trailer.


We will start our kayak journey from the beach of Margidore. The meet up point will be at our trailer and gear area on the parking spot of Camping Lacona. This is across the street of Ristorante Puccini.

Voor € 5,- per dag is het mogelijk om te parkeren op de parkeerplaats waar ons materiaalveld zich bevindt. Het is wel fijn als van te voren alvast aangegeven kan worden als je hier gebruik van wilt maken. Verder zijn er een aantal parkeerplaatsen bij de toegangsweg, maar die zijn vaak al vroeg bezet.